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Biking at Zell am See – Kaprun / Piesendorf

Let’s go to the mountains or the bike path …

The bike is with you. And we have the “wheel tracks” to do so. Whether up on the mountain or more comfortable along the bike path. Many miles want to be discovered and driven by you. Perfect conditions for biking in our region.

Join in the ride through the National Park area. Diverse and varied our routes present themselves. And we guarantee the view is fantastic. Past creeks and lakes, villages and farms that also hold some culinary delights of our region for you. You can also be picked up conveniently in front of our house by local train and take another entry into the Tauern cycle path. So it’s definitely there for every “cyclist”.

And do not forget! After work, then the reward. Use the FREE ENTRY to the Tauern Spa!

The bike tours are signposted and divided into difficulty levels. As with the ski slopes, please take care not to encounter unexpected things during your vacation.


Biken_Sommer_Zell am See Kaprun aktiv


The routes can also be used by hikers, so we ask you to treat each other fairly.

  • Biking is only permitted on marked and approved routes from 1 May to 15 November, from 2 hours after sunrise to 1 hour before sunset at your own risk.
  • Close all pasture gates and barriers.
  • Protect and respect the flora and fauna.
  • Do not leave waste in nature.
  • Reduce your pace near hikers and in confusing or dangerous places, adjust the speed of each situation.
  • Be considerate to hikers.
  • Avoid noise and unnecessary skid marks.
  • Watch for grazing cattle on the shared routes.

Forests and pasture areas will continue to provide a unique recreational and living space as well as a workplace for all. Let’s look at our wonderful nature together.

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